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Fine Arts Academy

As part of your child's experience at Trinity Preschool, you may also enroll him/her a fourth day of the week for our Fine Arts Day on Thursdays. 


We believe that fine arts experiences like music, visual arts, and movement are a wonderful tool for learning and allow students different sensory and social experiences that impact both their learning and social skills. While music, art, and movement are incorporated into the daily activities of the M-W classes, the Fine Arts Day puts an emphasis on allowing children to explore more of these areas with teachers who have specific backgrounds in these special interest areas. 

music  •  visual art  •  dance/creative movement

Previously known as KAFA and a children's outreach program offered through King's Grant Presbyterian Church, King's Academy of Fine Arts is now a part of Trinity Preschool and known as the "Fine Arts Day" (FAD). FAD brings children together with experienced teachers who are committed to teaching children through Fine Arts and is designed to provide children with learning experiences through Fine Arts during early chilhood. FAD can be added on as a fourth day for children already attending Trinity Preschool or it can serve as a stand-alone social skills program for children.

FAD is for children ages 2.5-5 years old. Must be potty trained.

Time: Thursdays 9AM-12PM

COST:  $100/month

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