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4-year-old class

daily schedule​

morning class  &  afternoon class

9:00-9:10 AM  &  12:30-12:40 PM

Arrival/Table-Top Activity


9:10-9:25 AM   &  12:40-12:55 PM

Circle Time

Calendar, pledge, weather, story time, theme, academic introduction


9:25-10:30 AM 12:55-2:00 PM

Free-Choice Centers/Academics

Painting, sand table, fine motor, dramatic play, blocks and cars, sensory activity.

One-on-One with Teacher
Art project and daily lesson


10:30-11:00 AM   &  2:00-2:30 PM

Get Fit/Music/Chapel/Show and Tell


11:00-11:25 AM  &  2:30-2:55 PM

Wash Hands/Snack/Books and Puzzles


11:25-11:50 AM  2:55-3:20 PM

Outside Play


11:50-11:55 AM  &  3:20-3:30 PM

Prepare to Leave and Carpool Line

4-year-old class
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