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our approach to learning

  • Theme-based developmental curriculum

  • Learning through fun and meaningful experiences

  • Class focus is on developing social skills, independence, fine and gross motor skills, comprehension skills, manners

  • Lessons incorporate the Virginia State Standards for Early Education

  • Onsite learning programs and field trips to enhance thematic teaching


goal for your child

Our goal is to prepare each child in partnership with the parents to advance the child to his or her next level of education and for them to become lifelong learners. Our curriculum can also be individualized knowing that each child has his or her own learning journey.  Our hope is that your student leaves Trinity Preschool feeling cared for and with a solid foundation for kindergarten.


curriculum elements

  • Art: Experiences using paint, markers, crayons, paper, boxes, clay, paste, scissors.

  • Citizenship: Sharing, taking turns, accepting differences, and respecting others.

  • Language Arts: Appreciation of books and literature, listening, oral expression, poetry, plays, sequencing, rhyming activities, dramatic play, and letter recognition.

  • Math: Counting, geometric shapes, coin recognition, classification and grouping, patterns, number recognition.

  • Motor Skills: Development of gross motor skills through running, jumping, climbing, stretching, hopping, moving to music, using blocks; development of fine motor skills through sorting activities, use of crayons, chalk, markers, scissors, finger paints.

  • Music: Singing, listening, rhythms, musical games, dramatizations.

  • Religion: Prayer, Chapel lessons, songs.

  • Science: Health and safety, animals, plants, weather, seasons, water, our senses, things that move.

  • Social Studies: Families, neighborhoods, communities, holidays, health and safety.

Great preschool! The teachers and staff are the best and we are very thankful to have found this school for our kids. Even after we moved 20-25 minutes from the school, it was well worth the commute knowing our child was in the best hands and that he was learning the essentials for kindergarten. We look forward to having our youngest attend Trinity Preschool next year!

Camden Kreider

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