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Our goal is to prepare each child in partnership with the parents to advance the child to his or her next level of education. Our curriculum can also be adjusted knowing that each child has his or her own journey and way of learning.

curriculum elements
  • Art: Experiences using paint, markers, crayons, paper, boxes, clay, paste, scissors.

  • Citizenship: Sharing, taking turns, accepting differences, and respecting others.

  • Language Arts: Appreciation of books and literature, listening, oral expression, poetry, plays, sequencing, rhyming activities, dramatic play, and letter recognition.

  • Math: Counting, geometric shapes, coin recognition, classification and grouping, patterns, number recognition.

  • Motor Skills: Development of gross motor skills through running, jumping, climbing, stretching, hopping, moving to music, using blocks; development of fine motor skills through sorting activities, use of crayons, chalk, markers, scissors, finger paints.

  • Music: Singing, listening, rhythms, musical games, dramatizations.

  • Religion: Prayer, Chapel lessons, songs.

  • Science: Health and safety, animals, plants, weather, seasons, water, our senses, things that move.

  • Social Studies: Families, neighborhoods, communities, holidays, health and safety.

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Formerly  known as Thalia Trinity  Early Childhood School. Find Trinity Preschool near Town Center Virginia Beach, Pembroke Mall and I-264 near Rosemont Road Exit and Lynnhaven Parkway Exit.  Also convenient to Independence Blvd., Great Neck & Little Neck, Thalia, King’s Grant, King’s Forest, and Birchwood neighborhoods.


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